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Re: some thing funny

: ok so "Saw" means marry (husband does this)(v), and ton'Saw means Klingon 
: fighting.  I thought that was funny, but can "ton'" stand alone, and if so 
: what does it mean

*{ton} has no independent meaning that we know of and doesn't appear in any
other word that I can find.

BTW, watch your spelling.  The apostrophe in {tonSaw'} is at the end, not the
middle.  {Saw} "marry" does not end in an apostrophe.  The two words have no
etymological connection AFAIK.

But... there is a verb {Saw'} meaning "have a depth of" listed in KGT. 
Probably no connection to {tonSaw'}, however.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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