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Just thinking...

>Can {Qub} be used to express opinion, or just to indicate the thinking

: TKD introduces the pronouns {'e'} and {net} with a comment about how they
: are primarily used "...with verbs of thinking or observation..."   This
: statement would implies to me that {X 'e' vIQub} is perfectly reasonable.

  "The correct way to say 'Do you think that...?' is ... {'e' DaQub'a'?}
  ({'e'} is 'that', referring to something that precedes it in the
  sentence or in the discussion; {DaQub'a'} is 'do you think it?')."
  (MO on MSN expert_forum) 

  "All four words asked about ... can be used in the construction
  {S 'e' V}, where S is a sentence, {'e'} is the pronoun (that) which
  refers to a previous topic (in this case S), and V is one of the verbs
  listed above (as well as some others). If the sentence (S) is {tlhIngan
  Hol Dajatlh} 'you speak Klingon', it's OK to say ... {tlhIngan Hol
  Dajatlh 'e' vIQub} 'I think that you speak Klingon'."
  (MO on st.klingon 7/97)

: How you interpret such a phrase is up to you.

Good point.  The difference is between {tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh 'e' vIQub} and
{tlhIngan Hol Dajatlhlaw'} is a bit hazy, at least to me.  

Here's what I have on {-law'} "it seems (to be), apparently, seemingly, I think
that, I suspect that":

  "Like Type 3 noun suffixes, these suffixes show how sure the
   speaker is about what is being said." (TKD p.39) 

  "This suffix expresses any uncertainty on the speaker's part
   and may even be thought of as meaning I think or I suspect."
   (TKD p.40)

  it appears to be empty, I think it's empty TKD

  he/she seems to be controlling us, I think he's controlling us TKD

  You look terrible (You seem unhealthy). TKD 

  I feel sick. CK 

  pImlaw' romuluSngan be' porgh. 
  I've heard Romulan women are different. (MO's ST5 notes) 

  ghu'maj Dayajbe'law', Sa'.  (ST6)
  ["You don't seem to grasp our situation, General." (novel)] 

  ... puvtaHbogh Duj ngabmoHlaw' So'wI' 
  ... [a cloaking device] allowing the ship to fly in a state of
   practical invisibility. S33

Perhaps the difference is one of context:

  tlhIngan Hol yaj DIvI' Duy'a' 'e' vIQub.
  I think that the Federation ambassador understands Klingon. 
  (statement of fact: i.e. you won't need to bring an interpreter)

  tlhIngan Hol yajlaw' DIvI' Duy'a'.
  I think the Federation ambassador understands some Klingon.
  It seems that the Federation ambassador understands Klingon.
  The Federation ambassador may understand Klingon.
  (suspicion: e.g. you've been watching him during negotiations
   and he may know more than he lets on)

Or perhaps it's just a difference in formal vs. colloquial style.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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