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Klingon chat rooms?

Heya all,

I hope I'm not violating the rules here, since this email is neither in nor 
technically about Klingon, but I was really wondering if anybody knows any 
chatrooms on the Internet where Klingon is spoken?? I've looked but I can't 
find any. I've checked #klingon on several IRC networks but they're all 
empty or non-existent. An ICQ search for users interested in Klingon also 
didn't give very good results. And all I found on HTTP is the "Hot Blood 
Bar" which is always empty. I've heard there's a KLI 'MUSH enviroment' 
thingie, but I don't know how MUSH works and I can't even connect. I just 
think it would be really good for me (or anybody else learning the 
language) to be able to try to have actual live conversations in tlhIngan 
Hol, and not just translate pieces of text back and forth. Plus, it would 
be nice to be able to talk to some fellow Klingonists. :) Does anybody have 
any tips?


P.S.: Listmasters:  if I AM violating the rules here, just lemme know, and 
it won't happen again. :)

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