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RE: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

From: "TPO" <>:

> > qaSpa' lengvam, not vengvetlhDaq majaH.
> > Before this trip, we'd never been to that city.
>{...-Daq majaH} means you are in/on the thing and are "going". To go TO a 
>place, you need to put the place as the direct object of jaH. not vengvetlh 

mumISmoH vuDvam. {ghoS} rurchu''a' {jaH}?
"CK" Qoylu'taHvIS mu'tlhegh  <teplIj yIwoH 'ej pa'lIjDaq yIjaH>
Qoylu'ba'.                                           ^^^   ^^^
lugh'a' 'oH? muj'a' 'oH? vIchuHnISlu'bej.


SKI: 'ISqu' needs to be enlightened on the correct use of {jaH}.

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