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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, T. J. Harrington wrote:
> But I hav heard Worf use Klingoneese as the word 4 the
> Klingon language.

Was he "speaking English" at the time?  If so, you could
consider it likely just a translation of "tlhingon Hol"
by the ship's translator, or that he says "Klingonese"
just because his crewmates are more familiar with that

> If so, why is this a point of
> contention.  All we are saying is the same thing 4 the
> same word. Now if we want to be technical, correct me
> if I'm wrong, but anything written in books is
> considered non-cannon.  Anything produced on t.v. or
> in the movies is considered cannon.  If the former is
> correct, then anything written by Ford would be
> non-cannon.  To be exact so is the Klingon Dictionary.

The way I understand it, John Ford came up (originally
at least) with Klingonaase on his own, whereas Marc
Okrand came up with tlhingon Hol at the request of the
production company.  This implies that Okrand's work is
canon, Ford's is not.  Whether it be in books or on
TV or in movies doesn't have much bearing on it.

>  As someone pointed out earlier, some of the other
> shows, since ST3 have strayed away from the Klingon
> Dictionary.  So this would seem to prove my theory. 

No, it just shows that the people writing the scripts are
too lazy to use proper tlhingon Hol, and/or the production
company has gotten too cheap or lazy to hire Okrand (and/or
Okrand is too busy) to produce more canon tlhingon Hol.
Instead, we get random garbage that is just made-up by the
writers, occasionally with SOME knowledge of the real deal.
This is *Paramount Hol*, and for the people who want to
consider the shows canon, it is at best a dialect of the
real tlhingon Hol.

Perhaps a better way of looking at it:

If it's on the show, it's Star Trek canon
If it's produced by Okrand, it's tlhingon Hol canon

The two don't always match...
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