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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

>From my understanding of this, Klingoneese words were introduced in
>the books by John Ford.
: Specifically one book, "The Final Reflection".  I haven't read "How Much
: for Just The Planet?" yet.

I've been maintaining a Klingonaase-English glossary for several years now but
I can't find any entries from "How Much for Just the Planet."  IIRC Ford used
Okrand's tlhIngan Hol in that novel to supplement the terms he had previously
created for "The Final Reflection".  TFR is not the only source of klingonaase,

>Some of these words were adopted by 'gamers' and these are still used
>by KAG for honorifics and ranks.
: They weren't merely "adopted".  They were officially presented as part of
: FASA's roleplaying games, produced under license from Paramount.  Ford was
: an official consultant for the language and culture used in the RPGs until
: FASA's license was revoked/not renewed.  

John Ford created quite a lot of klingonaase terms - nouns mostly - for the
several FASA Klingon game modules he wrote or co-wrote.  A particularly rich
source is FASA's "Klingon Ship Recognition Manual", used as a reference during
the games; every Klingon ship type invented by the FASA staff for use in the
games (and there were quite a few!) was given a klingonaase name and sometimes
a brief etymological explanation by Ford.

All together, I have 119 entries tagged "FASA" in my notes.  Not nearly enough
for a language, of course, but what there is of it is fascinating.  (Truth be
told, I actually prefer klingonaase to tlhIngan Hol.)  I don't know whether
Ford created an outline grammar to help in constructing klingonaase phrases and
sentences, though some fans did.  Once FASA lost Paramount's license to produce
and sell Trek products - for what reason I've never learned - further work in
klingonaase was aborted.

Had Paramount not severed their relationship with FASA, they may well have used
Ford's klingonaase in ST3 etc. instead of hiring Okrand to create another
version of the Klingon language for the movies.  Ah, what might have been...

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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