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Re: More puns in new vocab

In a message dated 1/21/2002 11:27:21 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

>  by date added" list. Right below {'uSgheb} is the word {gheb}. Now try to
> > break down the bird's name again. :-)

jIQuptaHvIS Du' vIDab 'ej wIj QorDu'wIj.  Qa'mey law' DInenmoH.  ngugh 
Ha'DIbaH vISopqang, 'ach DaH naH neH vISopqang.  ngugh Qa' wa' mutvaD DIvI' 
Hol {leghorn} ponglu'.  vaj mutvam vIqaw; Foghorn Leghorn vIqawbe'.


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