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Re: [KLBC] some more questions

jatlh ter'eS:
>Languages are full of words that are in origin concrete,
>but which are also used poetically or metaphorically.
>Why would Klingon be any different?

Quite true.  Often we speak in metaphorical language without even realizing 
we're doing so.  (Check out a book called "Metaphors We Live By".)  In 
addition to the {'aqroS}/{rav} example that was mentioned, the whole 
{law'}/{puS} construction is already metaphorical when used with abstract 
qualities, I believe...  One can't literally have "more boldness" in the same 
way that one has "more food".

The only sticking point is that, as far as I know, we don't have very much 
information on the metaphorical structure of Klingon, so if we want to use 
that kind of language, we have to base it on the metaphorical structure of 
English (or whatever our native language is).  It would be helpful to have 
some guidance from Okrand on whether this is even remotely correct.

Joey Morlan (Sengval)

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