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Re: monkey (was: Re: A couple of questions.)

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From: "TPO" <>

> > > > > do we have a word for an animal similar to monkey?
> > > Human?   :)
> >
> > from a Klingon perspective that would have to be [tlhIngan].   }}:-)
> Klingons don't think they came from monkeys or apes.  It wouldn't be
> [tlhIngan].  I don't believe I did either, but it's taught in many human
> schools.

Of course whatever one believes we are the StarTrek Universe and if not on
any other episode the one discussed that Terrans and Klingons evolved from
the big melting pot of what I can only describe as a Humanoid species..
Unfortunately their name remains a mistery to be able to describe them in
any other way...

You're probably right as I don't remember klingon monkies have never been
shown/mentioned but just on the canon Klingon evolved from that extinct
humanoid race... What would you describe them as?  I'm sure any Klingon
would take offense at a DNA ancestor being described as anything human.. A
Klingon would surely describe any other species of similar make up as

> DloraH


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