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RE: [KLBC] some more questions

> > loSmaH qelI'qam Hop law'  Hoch HeghwI' Hop puS
> >  "Everyone within 40 qelI'qam will die"
> Hmmm. To me, this means that no one will die beyond 40 qelI'qam, which is 
> somewhat the same statement, but the focus is a bit different. Someone could 
> live within 40 qelI'qam and not make this a Klingon statement false,
> though it would make the English statement false.

I did consider this when I wrote it.  I tried to come up with other ways but I 
had a brain-fart on vocabulary.  

> Perhaps this would be better:
> Heghbej Hoch nuvpu''e' ngaSbogh loSmaH qelI'qam chuq.

I forgot all about ngaS.

DloraH, BG

> [The BG is doing a great job, by the way. pIj Doj.]

DaghItlhmo' jIbel.

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