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Re: More puns in new vocab

DloraH said:
> >> parbIng - "a mid-sized bird with particularly garish coloring 

> >>            (at least from a Klingon point of view"

Are there any golf fans out there?  "under par" golf term.  Garish could

to the style of clothing golfers wear.  There's something called a "birdie"

golf also.
This sounds like it. majQa'! A "birdie" in golf is one stroke under par.
Although it might not be intentional, a big, fancy feather {bo'a'} is also
the name of a type of feather scarf in English.
All these puns are good (at least for some people) for remembering
vocabulary, but
I think I'd be more likely to use the new verbs in a sentence (which don't
seem to contain puns) 
than the more specific bird names.
{tlhotDI' lotlhmoq, ghotI' ghup. ghIq qajchoH.}
- taD

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