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Re: [KLBC] some more questions/ Ans. to ?'s.

--- wrote:
> Again thanks for the explainations, DloraH.
> I have a couple of further questions...
> One has been on my mind for quite some time... how
> do I say "I think about 
> something"? Or "dream about something"? I could use
> "something causes me to 
> think" but that's not quite the same...
> There's a verb for "be excellent", but how can I say
> "he fought excellently"? I 
> could use "his fightings were excellent" but is
> there no way to modify the verb? 
> If only there had been a "in a good manner" verb
> suffix. :) (Yes, there's 
> "perfectly", but how do I simply say "good"?)
> Also, just verifying this... there is no ? and no !
> in Klingon? Since both 
> questions and commands are handled grammatically?
> And the final question... to practice, I often try
> to translate random English 
> texts into Klingon. The other day I came across
> "within a 50 mile radius". Apart 
> from the fact that there's no Klingon word for mile,
> I have no clue how to 
> translate this. Can you help?
> Oh, and one last quick question... is there a
> Klingon word for "ten million"? If 
> not, how do I say "40 million"?
> Thanks again!
> Dum'er
> I'm not certain, but I do not believe there is a
Klingon word 4 "10 million".  The way you would say
"40 million," is "loSmaH'uy'".  This is the way I have
undaerstood it is written in Klingon.  "10 Million,
shown in TKD, is "wa'maH'uy'".  I hope I have
translated this correctly.  Live Long & Prosper,
T'Anna Kirk.  

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