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RE: More puns in new vocab

Recently, someone was looking for examples of ambiguity in Klingon. Here's a 
shining example, since {puqpu' moH chaH} clearly means both:

"They exert undue influence on children."

"They are ugly children."

You can express the latter as {puqpu' chaH; moH je,} or {moH puqpu'vam.}

Meanwhile, you really have to stop and think to come up with another clear way 
to say the former. Maybe {latlh puqpu' moH chang'engvam.} That's a little 
harder to misinterpret, since the only potential verb is {moH}.


> >charghwI':
> >
> > > But then, who are the Olsen twins? I know I've heard the reference, but it
> > > didn't stick. jIlIjpu'.
> pagh:
> >puqpu' moH chaH.
> mu'tlheghvam vIlaDDI', pay' jIHaghqu'! qu'ba' vuDlIj. ;-)
> - taD

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