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Re: More puns in new vocab

> > Russ Perry Jr:
> > : But it leaves me to wonder what we're supposed to make of cha'naS and
> > : cha'par...  Has anyone figured these out?
> >
> > {cha'par} from PARtridge?

>It might as well be a PARrot, unless we're talking about a PARtridge in a 
>tree. And that makes me wonder why Okrand didn't borrow from all those 
>birds in
>the Christmas Carol. Four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves,

Hmmmm, lately some of this Klingon email hasn't gotten through to me. Do'Ha'.

Anyway, "Partridge" actually makes sense to me somewhat. Russ may be 
thinking of the tv series "The Partridge Family". Although I didn't watch 
it much, I believe the show was about a family who also played as a rock 
band (note that a {cha'par} is noted for its song). During the theme song 
from the show, the members of the family were represented by animated 
Partridge birds. I do agree that the {cha'-} part of {cha'par} seems sort 
of random; it might has well have been *{vaghpar}, since I think there were 
5 family members, and not 2.

- taD

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