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Re: More puns in new vocab

At 5:05 PM -0600 1/15/02, Steven Boozer wrote:
>Ironically, the Olsen twins are today about the same age Alice was in Lewis
>Carroll's books (about 13 or 14), but back in "Full House" they were infants.

Aren't the Olson twins 16 or 17 now??

One thing too...  Alice was supposedly based on a girl that Lewis Carrol
knew, a neighbor's daughter.  Is it possible that neighbor was Alice Olson?

At 9:00 PM -0500 1/16/02, Tad Stauffer wrote:
>> > Russ Perry Jr:
>> > : But it leaves me to wonder what we're supposed to make of cha'naS and
>> > : cha'par...  Has anyone figured these out?

>> > {cha'par} from PARtridge?

>Anyway, "Partridge" actually makes sense to me somewhat. Russ may be thinking of the tv series "The Partridge Family".

Actually I didn't bring up the partridge or Partridge Family, so I can't
take credit...  Might also be for parakeet if not partridge or parrot?

I'd wondered also if there were some artists out there that it referred
to -- John Parr?

>Although I didn't watch it much, I believe the show was about a family who also played as a rock band (note that a {cha'par} is noted for its song).

I guess I could see that...

>During the theme song from the show, the members of the family were represented by animated Partridge birds. I do agree that the {cha'-} part of {cha'par} seems sort of random; it might has well have been *{vaghpar}, since I think there were 5 family members, and not 2.

Right.  Though the cha' might just be to keep it similar to the other cha's.
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