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burgh rop ( jIDaqmo'....)

If <pom> is "dysentery", would <pomHom> be more like flu? Or would <pom'a'>
be more like what Earthers would refer to as "dysentery"?
<nogh> and <vIH> are more active rather than descriptive verbs, so what is
the best way to modify <luH>?

One of my pet peeves is the flagrant misuse of the noun 'stomach' when
referring to: thorax, mid-section, abdominal muscles, guts, intestine,
lower G.I. tract, etc. Infomercials for various ab machines are the worst
 burgh vummeH mIqta' le' poQbe'lu'.      'uQ'a'  poQ'lu' neH.


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