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Re: burgh rop ( jIDaqmo'....)

pIl'o' you wrote:
: If <pom> is "dysentery", would <pomHom> be more like flu? Or would <pom'a'>
: be more like what Earthers would refer to as "dysentery"?

Speaking of stomach ailments, cf. also {poq} "indigestion".
: One of my pet peeves is the flagrant misuse of the noun 'stomach' when
: referring to: thorax, mid-section, abdominal muscles, guts, intestine,
: lower G.I. tract, etc. Infomercials for various ab machines are the worst
: offenders.

You're right.  Although some languages don't make this distinction, either
formally or colloquially, Klingon does:

{burgh}  "stomach"
{chor}   "belly, midsection"

  tajwIj 'oHbe' chorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlh'e'. 
  That is not my dagger protruding from your midsection. (FTG) 

  chor jeq taj 
  a knife protrudes from a belly (st.kl 6/97)

That {burgh} refers to the internal organ of digestion is confirmed by KGT

"A distinctive Klingon culinary technique similar to fermentation involves
using a living animal as a food processor. Once again, timing is critical. A
number of different kinds of foods are mixed together, along with various
flavorful herbs, and the concoction (called {Su'lop}) is fed to an animal.
After just the right amount of time (a good cook knows from experience when
this is), the animal is killed and its parts are used for various dishes, as
would be expected. The stomach, however, still contains the now partially
digested {Su'lop}, which is removed, used as a sauce (called {quD}), and served
with great flourish. To prepare a sauce in this manner is described as {Su'lop
Suqqa'} (literally, 'reacquire {Su'lop}'), often shortened to just {Suqqa'}.
There is an alternate way of preparing quD that involves using chemicals to do
the job of the animal's stomach enzymes. Klingon gourmets distinguish between
the two by referring to {quD} made in the natural way as {burgh quD} ('stomach
{quD}'), as opposed to the artificially produced {'un quD} ('pot {quD}')."

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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