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Re: quick question about the new Klingon words in HolQeD

HolQeD chovnatlh chu'Daq bIH mu'meyvetlh chu' 'e' vIloy, not mu' <<bo>> 
vIleghbe'mo'. HolQeD vIje'be' Huch mep vIghajbe'mo' - ghorgh tlhIngan Hol 
yejHaDDaq mu'mey chu' tu'lu'choH?

jIjatlhtaHvIS - mu' <<je>> yIlIj - chaq mu'meyvetlh mu' Qat law' Hoch Qat 

I guess these new words are in the new edition of HolQeD, because I've never 
seen the word <<bo>>. I don't get HolQeD because I don't have a credit card 
- when will these words be put on the KLI's webpage?

BTW, don't forget <<je>> - perhaps the most popular of those (two-letter) 

(I fought for ten minutes to try and find a suitable Klingon circumlocution 
for "webpage" - I failed. {{:)

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


jatlh qurgh:

 > I was just looking over the new words in HolQeD and one of them was:
 > bo - feather
 > Is this supposed to be bo' (prolly from the bo'Degh in bird) because I
>thought all Klingon words were at least 3 letters or am I mistaken in
thinking that?

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