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Re: chaDvay'

lab hpa:

 > From the New Klingon Word list:
 > chaDvay'
 > (n) Hertz (frequency) [from veS QonoS, HolQeD, v1n3p9]
 > This strikes me as very odd.
 > Why would Klingons have a word for 86,400 times the frequency of the
 > revolution of the planet Earth around its own axis?  If it was a borrowed
 > word, it would be one thing, but it doesn't look like it...
 > Or is this a mistake on part of the translator, and this is meant to
 > represent "the inverse of the Klingon time unit most closely corresponding
 > to a human second?"  Do we know anything about Klingon time keeping anyway?

I imagine it relates to the unit of time lup.  Whatever units of time 
ancient Klingons used, it would appear that they have converted to the 
Federation hour/minute/second.  We know that they quickly  adopted the base 
ten number system used by Federation scientists in order to take advantage 
of Federation science. Presumably they picked up the second along with 
other base mks units.  Perhaps there is a Federation intersystem public 
access navigation system, similar to the GNSS/GPS system currently 
available for this planet, and h/m/s-based operations can use it.  Or maybe 
they just like cheap Terran digital watches.

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