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Re: "webpage"

ro'Han wrote:
: I don't get HolQeD because I don't have a credit card 

Then pay by a check drawn on a US bank (like I do) or money order, bank draft,
international postal coupons, etc.  Lawrence is flexible when it comes to
: (I fought for ten minutes to try and find a suitable Klingon  
: circumlocution for "webpage" - I failed. {{:)

On its own webpage the KLI uses *{juHDaq}.  I've also seen *{juH HaSta} and
*{juHqoq} on this list.

We need to ask Maltz more about Klingon {De'wI' patmey}.  As a science officer,
he should be familiar with the vocabulary.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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