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Re: quick question about the new Klingon words in HolQeD

> I haven't received my HolQeD yet, so I'll ask... Are you sure that
> isn't *{bo'Dep} (i.e. "feather being"), like {bIQDep} "fish" (i.e. 
> "water being") from KGT - formed on {Dep} "being (nonhumanoid)"?

: Nope, it's bo'Degh, the general word of bird. There are a ton of other ones

>> I'm afraid that my subscription to HolQeD has not been renewed yet.
>> Can anyone post the new vocab to the list?

The December 2001 issue of HolQeD (10.4 = #40) was waiting for me when I got
home yesterday.  The new words on pp.4-5 are:

bo'Degh - "the most general Klingon word for a creature of this type", i.e. a
bird  [There's a long discussion of what Klingons consider to be a {bo'Degh},
which I encourage everyone to read.}

Maltz provided the names of several types of Klingon {bo'Deghmey} along with
some descriptions:

borghel - "a very small bird whose eggs are considered quite tasty"

cha'bIp - "a bird noted for its speed"

cha'Do' - "Maltz wasn't sure what kind of a bird this was, but he was very
familiar with the word"

cha'naS - "a small bird which digs up bugs to eat"

cha'par - "a bird noted for its song"

cha'qu' - "a bird with a noisy, repetitive cry"

Da'vI' & Da'nal - "two very similar birds, both characterized by erratic,
unpredictable behavior"

lIr - "a nocturnal bird"

lotlhmoq - "a bird that swoops into the water in order to catch food, but
cannot swim"

notqa' - "a large, black bird (nowhere near as large as a {qa'rol}, which is
really big" [FYI Project Klingon Poe members!]

parbIng - "a mid-sized bird with particularly garish coloring (at least from a
Klingon point of view"

qanraD - "another bird known for its song"

raw' - "an aquatic bird with colorful plumage"

toQ - "a bird of prey"

vem'eq - "a bird that feeds almost exclusively on the serpent worm from which
{qagh} is made (Klingons are not particularly fond of the {vem'eq})"

waqboch - "a bird with a very long beak"

yatqap - "a gray (sometimes white) bird that can travel particularly long
distances without pausing"

'uSgheb - "a bird which is particularly noisy [at dawn] and has been likened to
a rooster (though is is much fiercer). Another, though not a bird, is the
{Qa'}, specifically the {jajlo' Qa'} (dawn Qa') ... Maltz said he has also
heard the phrase {po Ha'DIbaH}, literally 'morning animal', used to refer to
the {'uSgheb}. He thinks {po Ha'DIbaH} has some sort of literary souce, since
it is used in operas and plays but not often in everyday speech. Maltz supposed
taht {po Ha'DIbaH} could refer to a {jajlo' Qa'} as well."

vIlInHoD - a bird capable of mimicking speech

qaryoq - another bird capable of mimicking speech

qaryoq'a' - still another bird capable of mimicking speech, larger than a

We also have some other words associated with birds, some of which were already
known to us:

QIm - egg (n.)
pach - claw, talon (n.)
tel - wing (n.)
neb - beak, bill (n.)
bo - feather (n.)

puv - fly (v.)
qaj - soar (v.)
wom - peck (used for both eating and attacking by pecking) (v.)
ngun - perch (v.) 
Saq - land (if the bird alights on the ground) (v.)
tlhot - land (if the bird lands on the water) (v.)
laq - flap (v.)

"Regarding the last word, Maltz pointed out that, in flight, a bird's wings
{laq} (the bird is said to {laqmoH} its wings), but when a banner or sail
flaps, the correct word to use is {joq} "flap, flutter, wave'."

There were also a couple of new non-avian words:

ghotI' - "the most general word for 'fish'  [no mention of how this differs
from {bIQDep}]

SIla' & neSlo' - mirror

"He [Maltz] said that a {SIla'} was typically larger than a {neSlo'}, but he
wasn't sure if there was any other difference."

: I'm sure you'll have fun adding to your wonderful canon knowledge :)

Not to mention figuring out all the puns and analysis - which discussion I'll
leave for later!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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