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Re: Is this valid Klingon?

At 08:20 AM 1/9/02 -0800, you wrote:
>laSvarghHomchajDaq pIwvetlh ngoy' net Qub

>If I knew what was being produced I could form a clearer mind picture of 
>what a laSvarghHom might be.  Around here odours and laSvargh go with pulp 
>and paper mills, which can be divided up two ways.  Each line from start 
>to finish might be a laSvarghHom, or each section of the process might be 
>taken as a laSvarghHom.

When I read {laSvarghHom}, I thought of a workshop; e.g., a small business 
staffed by one or two people, producing a product. Of course, context would 
make it more clear whether you're talking about a subsection of a factory, 
or a workshop, or some other sort of manufacturing place.

- taD

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