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Re: quick question about the new Klingon words in HolQeD

> Good idea.  I haven't received my HolQeD yet, so I'll ask... Are you sure
> isn't *{bo'Dep} (i.e. "feather being"), like {bIQDep} "fish" (i.e. "water
> being") from KGT - formed on {Dep} "being (nonhumanoid)"?

Nope, it's bo'Degh, the general word of bird. There are a ton of other ones
I'm sure you'll have fun adding to your wonderful canon knowledge :)

> Either way, it's nice to finally have a word for bird.  Now we can retire
> fannish work-arounds as *{chalDep}, *{chalHa'DIbaH}, *{telDep},
> etc.

Yes, it definatly is. Personally I think words for animals are very useful.
There have been many times I've wanted to talk about them, but just can't
without making up strange compound nouns. Also, they really add something to
the whole Klingon culture, giving us an idea of what living on Qo'noS.


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