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Re: Is this valid Klingon?

laSvarghHomchajDaq pIwvetlh ngoy' net Qub

Mostly, with one controversy.

laSvarghHomchajDaq = noun + N1 + N4 + N5 = location of the action
pIwvetlh = noun + N4 = object of the first phrase
ngoy' = verb with null prefix
net => makes the previous phrase the object of the next, with an indefinite 
Qub = verb

The controversy is that we have no evidence from the definition or use that 
ngoy' is transitive.  To be safe, I would say:

laSvarghHomchajDaq pIwvetlhvaD ngoy' net Qub

I would translate it into English as "It is thought that they are 
responsible for those odours in their production unit(s)."  It might also 
mean, "It is thought that (s)he/it is responsible for those odour(s) in 
their production unit(s)."

If I knew what was being produced I could form a clearer mind picture of 
what a laSvarghHom might be.  Around here odours and laSvargh go with pulp 
and paper mills, which can be divided up two ways.  Each line from start to 
finish might be a laSvarghHom, or each section of the process might be 
taken as a laSvarghHom.

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