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RE: Question about copyrights

>What copyright exists on new words which are given in HolQeD or other
>non-paramount sources? Can we freely give these words to other Klingon
>speakers who don't get HolQeD, and can we freely publish them on web sites?
>I don't mean copying the articals, just the words themselves.

The entire contents of HolQeD is protected by copyright.

The new words from the current issue will, in time, be listed on the KLI's
list of new words </tlh/newwords.html>.

I encourage you to share this vocabulary with other Klingon speakers, but
then I'd also encourage you to tell them to join the KLI and support the
Klingon speaking community so that similar infusions of vocabulary continue.

However, please do *not* publish the words on other websites. Such sites
are welcome to create a link to the KLI in general or to this page in
particular, but simply cutting and pasting of content is inappropriate.

I hope this answers your question. If you have something more specific,
feel free to contact me via private email and I'll be glad to discuss it


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