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Re: KLBC: adverbials and {'e'}

> > The grammar addenda webpage lists this as `accepted usage', HQ v1n2p11

> > 'e' lajlu' jatlh 'ej qon Hol chutHom chelnISlu'bogh chupchuqwI' De' 'ej
> > HQ v1n2p11 chup.

> Note that it is generally accepted that one prefers {net laj} to {'e'
> lajlu'}.  The whole reason the word {net} exists is to avoid {'e' X-lu'}.

Yes, thank you - forgot about that.

> > (*webpage* jatlhmeH mu''e' QaQ'a' mu'vam? QaQbe'chugh mu' QaQ yIngu'.)

And this could've been {HIngu'} just as easily as {yIngu'}.

Off-list reply, because I just unsubscribed so that I get more work done.

Jiri Baum <> 
  MAT LinuxPLC project --- --- Machine Automation Tools

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