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Re: A weird phrase

> I ran across a phrase yesterday that is a perfect example of why the most
> literal translation is often not the best. The phrase was: ". . . it
> causes a lot of confusion for you and me". It's a fairly reasonable
> phrase in informal English. The obvious mechanical Klingon babel-fish
> type translation of this phrase is <SoHvaD jIHvaD je mIS law' qaSmoH>.
> This is a horrid mess in Klingon.

It's not that bad...

<<SoH jIH je mISmoHqu'>> jatlhlu'chugh chaq mu'tlheghvam QaQ law'
mu'tlheghvetlh QaQ puS 'ach loQ pIm neH.

tay'bogh mu'tlheghmey wuvqu' je - rut mu'tlhegh wa'DIch QaQ law' mu'tlhegh
cha'DIch QaQ puS.

Jiri Baum <> 
  MAT LinuxPLC project --- --- Machine Automation Tools

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