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Heghpu' SuvwI'

'IQmoHbogh De' vIja'nIS.

cha'Hu' Hegh Letty "DrujIv" Smith (DaHjaj De' vIHev).  qaStaHvIS DISmey,
tlhIngan Hol buSbe' ghaH, vaj ghaytan boghovbe' HochHom tlhIH.  'ach ben
SuSaHchugh, chaq boqaw.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' 'eq ghaH, 'ej <poem>mey
qon.  lojmo' jI'IQqu' jIH; jupna'wI' ghaH.

In English, since this is important.

I have the sad duty of reporting the death of one of our early members and
Klingon speakers, Letty "DrujIv" Smith, this past Saturday in North
Carolina.  She has not been involved in Klingon in a while, so newer
members may not recognize her, but old-timers might recall her here, and
her poems, some of the earliest Klingon poems.  I have been in touch with
her since she left Klingon, and I for one deeply miss her.


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