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Re: adverbials + -Ha'

peHruS wrote:

>[Voragh] writes:
> > What other adverbials did you two discuss?  Do you still have the list?
>  [....] Well, that's just about what I remember about jaSHa'.  Merely that
>"[possibly not verbatim] I don't think it works."  He did not volunteer any
>other information about why it doesn't SEEM to work or what else would work.

Thanks.  At least I can add that much to my notes on *{jaSHa'} and flag it 
"Do not use."

>Hope this helps.  Actually, if MO would just come out and tell all of KLI, we
>wouldn't have this side-bar conversations with him revealing things only one
>of us has been privvy to.  I did post a time or two since qep'a' SochDIch the
>results of that conversation with MO.  We are just now "settling" the issue.

Well, that's one of the things this mailing list is for:  to share 
information.  I try to keep up with these little grammatical insights, 
revealed a bit at a time in various fora (interviews, conventions, 
qep'a'mey, st.klingon, etc.) by Okrand, but my system isn't foolproof.  I 
obviously missed your previous posts; perhaps your comments were included 
in a thread I had tired of and stopped reading.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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