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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

>Considering with what forcefulness I at least need in order to pronounce 
>some of the sounds of Klingon, I started think about if it was possible to 
>whisper Klingon.  As I am a new speaker of Klingon I am unable to do this.  
>So for the more experienced speakers, are you able to whisper in Klingon so 
>that your listener can still understand what you are saying?

yaHwIjDaq tlhIngan Hol labwI' ghom QInmey vIlaDtaHvIS jItlhupqu', 
yaHqochpu'wI' vISujQo'mo'. tlhuplaH'a' tlhInganpu', Dajatlh, Dayu'. toH, 
wotvetlh lulo'laHqu'ba'. vaj ngoDvam yISIvtaHQo'. SaQqu'laH je tlhIngan ghu, 
'ach mInbIQ luHutlhchu'. yapbej tlhIngan QumlaHghach lutlh, 'a loQ pIm porgh 
mIwmeychaj. ram. tlhupnISqu'law' HIvchoHmeH merbogh tlhInganpu'. ghaytan 
SoQchaj lujechmeH ghoghmey lulIS. tlhIngan laHmey mIwmey je tIHaD. bISuvchu' 
bIH Dapabchugh.



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