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Re: agentive -wI'

ghunchu'wI' wrote:
>The single point I'd like to make here is that "verbs with {-wI'}" are
>NOUNS.  Nouns don't take verb prefixes.

How about verb suffixes?  There's ghojmoHwI'...

>The expected response is that the verb prefix can be there *before* the
>{-wI'} is applied.  It's a valid counterpoint, but it has ZERO support in

If I were to try to find support for using prefixes with {-wI'}, that is the 
argument I would use, because in canon usage, suffixes are put on verbs, and 
then wI' is added.

Of course, a suffix is not a prefix, and I'm not really making that 
argument....  Just mentioning it.  If Okrand someday says that suffixes are 
okay with wI', I think I'd understand the basis for the decision.


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