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Re: KLBC Practicing Locatives

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, David Trimboli wrote:
> From: "TPO" <>
> > > bebDaq vIghro' tlhe'pu' 'erna'
> > > It was definitely the 'er who chased the cat onto the roof.

> > 'erna' - a real 'er, no doubt about it, it is definitely an 'er.
> > 'erHey - possibly an 'er, I'm not sure, it is apparently an 'er.
> > 'erqoq - a so-called 'er, you say it's an 'er but I don't agree.
> >
> > Your sentence could work depending on how one reads it.  I'm not sure if
> > maybe you were trying for type 6 verb suffixes.

> The only problem with this sentence is that the verb should be /tlha'/, not
> /tlhe'/.  But I have no problem at all with her use of /'erna'/.  Nancy
> simply provided a more fluid English translation than the odd-sounding "The
> definite 'er chased the cat onto the roof."

This wouldn't work so well for conciseness, and it doesn't sound very
academic, but a somewhat natural way to say it would be "The 'er -- it was
definitely an 'er -- chased the cat onto the roof."  If you don't like
dashes, use parentheses around the confirmation instead.
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