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Re: KLBC Practicing Locatives

From: "TPO" <>
> I don't know if we know yet how to use bach.  Does someone shoot a gun, or
> does someone shoot the target, or does the gun shoot a bullet?

One shoots the ray (or whatever ammunition, I'm sure) from the gun,

nISwI' tIH bach
He shoots the disruptor beam,

but the /tIH/ is often left out, becoming

nISwI' bach
He shoots the disruptor.

KGT p. 56.

> > bebDaq vIghro' tlhe'pu' 'erna'
> > It was definitely the 'er who chased the cat onto the roof.
> 'erna' - a real 'er, no doubt about it, it is definitely an 'er.
> 'erHey - possibly an 'er, I'm not sure, it is apparently an 'er.
> 'erqoq - a so-called 'er, you say it's an 'er but I don't agree.
> Your sentence could work depending on how one reads it.  I'm not sure if
> maybe you were trying for type 6 verb suffixes.

The only problem with this sentence is that the verb should be /tlha'/, not
/tlhe'/.  But I have no problem at all with her use of /'erna'/.  Nancy
simply provided a more fluid English translation than the odd-sounding "The
definite 'er chased the cat onto the roof."

> > qhIq bebvo' Suppu' vIghro 'ej lav bIngvo' 'er HIvpu' ghaH
> > Then the cat jumped from the roof and attacked the 'er from under
> > the shrub.
> "Then the cat had already jumped from the roof and had already attacked
> 'er from under a shrub."
> -pu' and -ta' are not past tense, they are perfective aspect; meaning, at
> the time of the timestamp the act has been completed.

Quite right.  What you want to do here is to forget about the Type 7 verb
suffixes.  The "timestamp" DloraH mentions is in this case /ghIq/ "and
then."  This provides the time context of the sentence.  When you translate
to English, you have to add in tenses to every verb, simply because English
requires tense.

Also watch the spellling of /vIghro'/, and remember that a /vIghro'/ is an
/'oH/, not a /ghaH/.

> > wa'Hu' HuD DopDaq pum nagh'a'mey Sormey je.
> > Yesterday the boulders and trees fell down the hillside.
> > (Timestamps come before locations right? The issue here is also about
> > word "down")
> The time stamp is good.
> ...DopDaq pum..., fell on the hillside / fell at the hillside / etc.
> How far "down" they fell depends how steep the hill is.

This could also be interpreted as boulders and trees falling from the sky
onto the hillside.  You might be more specific, with something like

wa'Hu' HuD DopDaq pum nagh'a'mey Sormey je 'ej ghIr.
(Literally, "Yesterday, boulders and trees fell and descended on the
hillside."  But the best translation would be your original one.)

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