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RE: A -moH suggestion


> It's like the (possibly fallacious) argument about the 
> evolution of birds' wings.  The argument goes something 
> like this: they started out with legs, and ended up with 
> wings, so supposedly there must have been an intermediate 
> stage when they had semi-developed wing-legs.  They 
> couldn't fly with these, so why would they end up as 
> wings at all?

QInlIj potlh buSHa' QInwIj, 'ach jISaHbe'. tlhIngan Hol vIlo' vIneH neH.

qatlh chen bo'Degh telDu'? qen nger Daj vIlaD. ben law'qu', bo'Degh no' lutu'lu' net Sov. telDu' Hutlh 'ej puvlaHbe'ba'. qaStaHvIS DIS law' QIt bo'Deghna' mojchoH. puvlaHbe'taHvIS bo'Degh qempa', lI'be' telDu' net Har, 'ach Qoch ngervam.

'uSDu' ghajbej 'ej qetlaH bo'Degh no'. Sormey toSlaH je 'op bo'Degh no'. net Sov. qettaHvIS 'ej toStaHvIS Ha'DIbaHvam, DeSDu'chaj pepchugh vaj loQ ngeDchoH Qu'. ngaDchoH Ha'DIbaH 'ej loQ tISchoHlaw', pepmo' muD. DeSDu'chaj jaqmoHchugh vaj loQ ngeDqa'choH. meqvammo' lI' telDu' Dabogh DeSDu'. vaj beQchoH 'ej tInchoH telDu'vam lutlh. HachchoHtaHvIS Ha'DIbaH, QaHmo' telDu', vaj HachchoH je telDu'. toSmeH potlhchoH telDu' 'ej ramchoH pachDu'. chaq wa' jaj toStaHvIS wa' Ha'DIbaH bong Sor Hotbe' pachDu' 'ach telDu'mo' toStaH 'e' tu', 'ej puvbogh Ha'DIbaH wa'DIch moj.

puvmeH chenbe' telDu'. Sor toSmeH chen telDu', 'ej chentaHvIS, bong Ha'DIbaH puvmoHlaH je.


SKI: pagh expounds on an evolutionary theory about the development of wings.

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