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Re: Secret information?

From: "Steven Boozer" <>
> >Thus, {De' pegh bu' matlh} would be "The loyal sergeant keeps the
> >secret."
> Although I -really- like this, I'm not sure it's allowed.

Bah.  A lack of example usage is insufficient to declare a definition in TKD
void.  We have seen waffly verbs before (e.g., meQ "burn" or "be burnt"),
why can't /pegh/ be one of these?  For what it's worth, I fully accept and
endorse peHruS' sentence.

And as you pointed out, we DO have an example of /pegh/ with the transitive

pegh vIttlhegh.
A proverb keeps things secret.

Just because the example doesn't employ an object doesn't mean it can't have
one.  The verb still means "keep something secret," not "be secret."

> Although *{peghmoH} may be grammatically
> possible, Klingons may prefer using the verb {buv} instead.

That's like saying that all humans like root beer because Chief O'Brien
likes root beer.  It's a tremendous generalization based on a single

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