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Re: qa'rol

ghunchu'wI' said:

>I encountered Marc Okrand about an hour after realizing the possible pun.
>My first words to him were "I've met Carroll Spinney."  I don't remember
>his response verbatim, but it was along the lines of "Then you get the

Hmmm, as far as I remember, the conversation went something like this:

ghunchu'wI': I've met Carroll Spinney.

Marc Okrand: Oh, so you found the pun...

gh: I was thinking of {bo'Degh} and how to translate "big bird".

MO (under the impression that ghunchu'wI' thought {bo'Degh tIn} was a pun 
for "Big Bird"): Oh, then you didn't get the joke...

gh (or someone else nearby): Then I/he realized {qa'rol} was would work...

So I think that Marc Okrand confirmed this is more than a "possible" pun.

- taD

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