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Re: New Words Correction

SuStel wrote:
>The entry for the /qa'rol/ erroneously stated that it was a really big, black
>bird, but in fact the black bird is the /notqa'/, and the color of the
>/qa'rol/ is not mentioned in /HolQeD/.  (I wouldn't be surprised if it were

Why yellow?  Obviously there's a pun I'm missing.

The {qa'rol} is only mentioned in the definition of {notqa'}:  "a large, 
black bird (nowhere near as large as a {qa'rol}, which is really 
big)."  Since the parenthetical comment modifies "large, black bird", it 
implies that the {qa'rol} is another type of black bird, much larger than 
the {notqa'}.  I wonder if there was a previous entry for {qa'rol} which 
was omitted.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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