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vengwIjDaq jInoylaw'

buy' ngop!

My qepHom last month was sparsely attended, but it resulted in some real
publicity.  The announcement I sent to the local newspaper got noticed by
one of the "Lifestyle" reporters.  She conducted a telephone interview with
me a week and a half ago and sent a photographer to obtain some pictures of
me "doing" Klingon language, which basically meant reading it.

The story appeared in yesterday's edition of the Kokomo Tribune, with a
teaser on the front page pointing to the story on page 6.  Two photos
accompanied the article, one of me reading the Pocket Books edition of The
Klingon Hamlet, and the other showing pages 80 and 81 -- the famous {taH
pagh taHbe'} soliloquy -- from the KLI-published hardbound version.  The
reporter managed not to misquote me or get anything significantly wrong --
I should write her a thank you note.

I encountered at least a dozen people yesterday and today who mentioned
having seen the article, from neighbors to fellow congregants to
theatre-goers, so it definitely has succeeded in getting the word out.  The
best result is that I have been contacted by someone representing a "group
of friends" in the area who are interested in learning the Klingon language!

The story (and the picture of me with TKH in hand) can be seen at in the Lifestyle section.  A free registration at
the web site is required in order to view the story.  I don't know how long
the articles remain on the site, but I think the direct link will work for a while even
after the story falls off the "recent" list.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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