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RE: KLBC: three smiling merchants

> three smiling merchants:
> a) wej monttaHbogh Suypu'
> b) monttaHbogh wej Suypu'
> lughbogh DuH yIngu'.

lugh Hoch. (but watch the spelling)

They are both grammatical.  Which one you choose depends on how deep you dig
into their meaning.

  wej montaHbogh Suypu'
"Three [merchants which are smiling]";  Perhaps there are many smiling
merchants, but you are refering to three of them.

  montaHbogh wej Suypu'
"[Three merchants] which are smiling";  You have three merchants, and they
happen to be smiling.

Of course this isn't absolute; this is just how MY weird mind reads it.

Also, wej montaHbogh Suypu' could also read "Three merchants which are not
yet smiling".

DloraH, BG

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