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thlIngan Stylus (was Re: Alphabet / pIqad)

>What time is it, DantlhIgh?

I'm in Australia, so I am treading the path while thou art in thy slumber.

>Are you going to reveal it to us?!?  I'd like to see pictures,
>construction plans, whatever.
>Some of us have been very curious about this.

If I had done developmental sketches, mayhap it wouldn't have taken 19 
failures to get it right!!!
I just looked at KLI's /pIqaD/, pictured what sort of implement would be 
needed to write what is on the page (or the screen, as the case may be), and 
went through a process of trial-and-error with a wedge of raw potato, then 
made an actual working model out of a leather-working tool, sticking extra 
pieces on or shaving them off as was needed.  I guess I can produce some 
sketches or something, but I'll need to get a scanner before I can make them 
available here.
I need to make 2 or 3 more adaptations to the stylus - it's still a little 
sloppy on the <ch>, <ng>, and <tlh> characters, and can't do the "symbol" 
for <8> at all; on top of that, it is pretty fragile, as there are 3 
protuberances on it, used for the different "shapes" needed to come up with 
what the KLI present as /pIqaD/.
Using it requires something of a "manual flair" in wrist movement, rather 
like painting frenetic abstract art I imagine, and is hard to master; but 
being a manual sort of guy, and not wanting machines (read: 'computers') to 
be able to do things I can't, LOL, I have persisited in developing a method 
of writing /pIqaD/ that I DIDN'T need a floppy disc for!!  (although I do 
have the font disc that the KLI sells, LOL).


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