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Re: bopar'a'?

:> QapDI' may', not nab pablu'chu', 'ach not Qap may', nabbe'lu'chugh
: je.
: -DI' implies when {not nab pablu'chu'} happens.  I don't read any
: cause/effect
: here.  The second sentence has the cause/effect with -chugh.
: Either:
: Put a -chugh in the first sentence
:   Qap may', not nab pablu'chu'chugh...

{as soon as} 'oS je mojaq{-DI'}. pIj ngoDvam qImHa'lu'law' 'e' vItu'.
taghwI' neH jIHmo' chaq potlhbe' vuDwIj 'ach naDev qaqlaw' mojaq

{-DI'} also implies {as soon as} though I get the impression that this
particular gloss is often ignored. For all a beginner's opinion is worth, 
{-chugh} seems a better choice.

: Or:
: Perhaps ...

There may be no harm in considering various ideas.
chaq qechmey Sar luqelnISlu'?


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