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Re: Hotmail lo'wI'pu'


>"Hotmail" lo'wI'pu'vaD jabbI'IDvam vIghItlh. "MSN Messenger" lo'wI'pu' vISam
>"chat"meH tlhIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS. Qumqang'a' vay' tIghvetlh lo'lutaHvIS?
>I write to users of Hotmail on the list. I'm looking for users of MSN
>Messenger to chat with in Klingon. Any takers?

>vIlo'.  vIrI'lu'meH tIlo'.

Qum patvam vImuvmeH napmo' Qu', QuvwIj vIlab je. yIlo'.

I just signed up for another hotmail account, so anyone can contact me at to chat in Klingon. (I guess you should just add me to 
your MSN messenger list, since I won't check the actual email on that 
account) I'm not too familiar with MSN messenger-compatible communications, 
so I'll see how it goes. :-)

- taD

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