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Klingon WOTD: Qap (v)

This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Thursday, February 7, 2002.

Klingon word:   Qap
Part of Speech: verb
Definition:     succeed, win

Additional Notes:
From Okrand's Notes, HolQeD Vol. 2, No. 4.  " 'To win' a competition is {Qap}.  (If it's a decisive or particularly gratifying victory, they'd say {Qapchu'}, even though that's a bit redundant.)  In TKD, {Qap} is translated as 'succeed, work, function.'  To a Klingon, to win is to function perfectly."

Also in KGT, TKW p. 211.

Opposite of {luj}.
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--Holtej 'utlh
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