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RE: KLBC A Simple Story

>{qojHomDaq} could mean that he threw the spy at or towards the embankment,
> > that they were both located at or near the embankment when he
> > threw the spy (say, to the ground).

>I kept the woD because it is like he is "throwing away" the enemy's body, 
>tho it was trash.  jaD certainly works.

The intent here was to convey the officer as standing on the top of the 
embankment and throwing the spy over the side. The spy would perhaps land in 
a ditch, from which he could run away without dying upon impact. (not 
necessarily that the officer _wanted_ the spy to run away, but of course the 
officer is being careless). Perhaps ngechHom would be a better choice.

ngechHomDaq ghoqwI' woD yaS QeH.
"The officer throws the spy into the ditch."

I think, from a stylistic point of view this works better as the spy is 
being put where he belongs, i.e. in the ditch. It only makes sense to keep 
woD in this context, to convey the low regard he has for the spy, i.e. no 
better than trash.

> > : > nuHDaj tu' yaS.
> > : > The officer finds his weapon.
> > :
> > : I don't like the choice of tu'.  "He discovers/observes his weapon."
> > : woH - pick up
> > : lel - take out
> > : Suq - acquire
> > : Hmm, I don't really like any of these choices either.  Hmm.
> >
> > {tu'} "discover, find; observe, notice" seems find to me.  I
> > think we're so
> > used to seeing {tu'lu'} that we forget the basic meanings of {tu'}.  
> >
> >   QumwI'wIj vItu'laHbe'
> >   I can't find my communicator. TKD
> >
>I felt the warrior always knew where his weapon was; most likely hanging on
>his belt.  He didn't need to look for it, or find it, or discover it.  He
>simply needed to take it out of the holster.  (This is how I read the story

bIqar. I decided lel (to get out) would be the best choice here. He knows 
where his weapon is, he just needs to get it out.

Hergh Suy

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