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KLBC: lu- with -lu'

Some days ago I posted a message with the subject {chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?} 
"How are these words used?".  Today, seeing the subject again, it occurred to 
me that maybe this should have been {chay' mu'meyvam lulo'lu'?}.  But I don't 
think anyone corrected me when I first posted it.

On p.39 of TKD, it says of sentences with -lu', "...the prefix {lu-}, which 
normally means 'they do something to him/her', becomes 'someone/something 
does something to them'."

But further down on the same page, it gives the example {naDev puqpu' tu'lu'} 
"there are children around here".

Why isn't it {naDev puqpu' lutu'lu'}?


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