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paghmo' tIn mIS: tlhaw'DIyo je be'neDIq

In the Introduction to the restored version of _paghmo' tIn mIS_, the
Bureau of External Relations mentions that {tlhaw'DIyo} and {be'neDIq}
are a Brigadier and a Lieutenant, respectively.

I'm not familiar with Klingon military heirarchy, but surely
{tlhaw'DIyo} doesn't outrank {be'neDIq} by so much as the two words
indicate to someone familiar with Terran ranking systems.  If anything,
I'd expect {be'neDIq} to outrank {tlhaw'DIyo}.

Perhaps {be'neDIq} is a Lieutenant General?  Or is Lieutenant a
substantially higher rank among Klingons than among Terrans?  (A quick
trip to KGT suggests it isn't.)  Perhaps some {mIS} in the restoration?

David "Cogent" Hand 
<> <> <icq:4321282> 

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