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RE: Google: Search Engine in Klingon

ghel DloraH:
> > povqu' jay'!
> > gher 'Iv?

jang qurgh:
>mughta' taD. jImuvta' je 'ach 'ay'mey latlh vImughtaH. "Google Wireless"
>vImughtaH. "main site" mughta' taD 'ej Dunqu' 'oH. Qapla' taD!!!
>I believe the main site was translated by taD. I signed on about 2-3
>months ago and translated about 10 phrases in the main site that seemed
>to be added after taD had done the rest. I'm working on the Google
>Wireless part of the site, since I use that on my cell phone, and I did
>some of the Google toolbar, but there is a ton of extra stuff to be done
>as well.

bIlugh. Qu'vam vItaghDI' jIH, mu'tlheghmey puS lumughlu'ta'. ghIq HochHom 
vImugh. latlh 'ay'mey luchellu' 'ej bIH mughba' qurgh. latlh 'ay'mey 

The main section is complete, but as qurgh mentioned, there are still a lot 
of phrases left there to be translated, such as for Help pages and the 
Google Wireless. I'll try to work on the translations whenever I get a 
chance. If someone is comfortable enough with tlhIngan Hol to describe a 
search engine, you could sign up at Google to be a volunteer translator. If 
anyone sees any grammatical errors on the Klingon Google site, it might be 
a good idea to post it here so that qurgh, myself, or someone else can make 
the changes.

- taD

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