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RE: Google: Search Engine in Klingon

mughta' taD. jImuvta' je 'ach 'ay'mey latlh vImughtaH. "Google Wireless"
vImughtaH. "main site" mughta' taD 'ej Dunqu' 'oH. Qapla' taD!!!

I believe the main site was translated by taD. I signed on about 2-3
months ago and translated about 10 phrases in the main site that seemed
to be added after taD had done the rest. I'm working on the Google
Wireless part of the site, since I use that on my cell phone, and I did
some of the Google toolbar, but there is a ton of extra stuff to be done
as well.

I think taD has done a wonderful job on this translation!


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