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jatlhwI' ngotlh

>I'm fanatical enough to travel an hour or three
>from my home in mid-North Indiana for an afternoon of speaking in and about
>Klingon, if it's on a weekend.

ja' yemQo'yaD <>
>That's a little more fanatical then me.  I'd like to keep my driving down to
>an hour or less if possible which is why I'm trying to see if I can start one
>a little closer to me as I think I said before.

jIH ngotlh law' HochHom ngotlh puS net temlaHbe'.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'
ghom vImuvmeH, wa'maH wa'leS jIlengchoH.  qaStaHvIS wa'maH cha' rep jIghoS.
ghIq qaStaHvIS cha' jaj tay' jatlhwI'pu'.  rInpu'DI' wanI', juHwIj
vIcheghmeH jIghoSqa'.  vIpawpa' wa'maH cha' latlh qaSpu'.

ghaytan wa'maH cha' rep QonglI'ghach vIchav qaStaHvIS cha' ram.  vaj wejmaH
cha' rep vItIvmeH cha'maH loS rep leng vISIQqang.  jIHvaD potlhba' Holvam.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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