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Re: NW Indiana, Chicago area qepHom?

ghunchu'wI' 'utlh:
>Count me as interested.  I'm fanatical enough to travel an hour or three
>from my home in mid-North Indiana for an afternoon of speaking in and about
>Klingon, if it's on a weekend.

That's a little more fanatical then me.  I'd like to keep my driving down to 
an hour or less if possible which is why I'm trying to see if I can start one 
a little closer to me as I think I said before.

>>qepHomvaD *Indiana* 'evDaq *Chicago*Daq ghap maghom boneH'a'?  chaq
>>boneHchugh wInab 'e' SaQaHqang.
>HIja' maghom vIneHbej.  munongmoH Holmaj Dun.  chay' SoH qaQaHlaH jIH?

I haven't had that much experience with a qepHom (none actually).  Basically 
I guess we need the usual things; people, a place, and a time.  

I'm thinking getting the people will be the hardest.  I hadn't thought 
farther ahead, but just thinking out loud now: for location some public place 
that's relatively easy for everyone to find; say a restaurant, or mall food 
court -- Maybe Southlake Mall in Merrillville since it's well known and easy 
to find.   Plus a time that would fit in with most people's schedule's too, 
say a Sunday afternoon once per month.

As for specific help?  Well, I have no experience with qepHom's, and I'm new 
to the language too (just 6 months or so experience).  So it would be nice to 
have a more experienced tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' there for one thing.   More 
importantly, I just want to be reasonably sure I'll have a few people show 
up.  I'd rather not go to the trouble of organizing something and no one 
shows up.

nab vIchenmoHlaw'.  


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